Our services

Grit Blasting & Stripping

We offer a grit blasting service to prepare the metal surface before coating or painting. This is carried out in a blast room, (size 3x4mtrs long). Using grade 7 and 12 grit.

We also have the ability to strip and degrease items before a primer or top coat is applied. We also mask items to individual specifications if required.


We offer various types of primer such as zinc rich, phosphate, or etch to suit the job requirements, before a top coat is applied.

Powder coating

There are many different types of powder coatings available with a variety of finishes, most come in gloss, semi gloss and matt. These include polyester, epoxy polyester, metallic, textured or chrome effect.

Nylon coating

Nylon R comes in semi gloss, and can be suitable for coating objects such as garden furniture and marine items, shop fittings and cafeteria seating etc. It has superior abrasion resistance, and is extremely hard wearing. It is also warm and smooth to touch and used extensively on handrails and balustrades. It’s electrical resistance makes it ideal for insulating handles on electrical machinery, i.e. lawn mowers, industrial cleaners etc. Nylon R is ‘green’ being manufactured from vegetable oil and not from petroleum.

PPA 571 coating

PPA571 is a thermoplastic coating powder that is environmentally friendly and is approved for contact with food and drinking water. It will not chip or crack in service and can be wiped clean using appropriate cleaners. PPA571 has a gloss finish, with excellent grip/feel and electrical insulation. It has superior corrosion and abrasion protection making it resistant to salt-spray, sand abrasion and sun. Typical areas of use include street furniture, hand rails, playground equipment and fencing.

All of the coatings are ‘cured’ at a temperature in our ovens (6 meters long) and then cooled before being handled. This ensures the coating has a chance to set hard before it is quality assessed.

Powder and Nylon R coatings come in a wide range of colours, metallics, fluorescents, pearlescents and textures. We regularly use colours from the Ral, BS4800 and BS381C charts, however it is possible to have special colours made on request.

Packaging & Delivery

We package all items to client specification to ensure it arrives at its destination in good condition. The type of packaging varies but can include bubble wrap, plastic film, cardboard/boxes.

We can arrange collection and delivery using our own transport. We also have fork lift facilities on the premises and frequently use reliable courier and carrier/pallet services.

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